1. nathan bird says:

    will you fuck off i am having a fag !!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Hunter says:

    David completely misunderstood the rules of the Esher High Five Competition!

  3. bob burchett says:

    i’ve all ready told once i fucking hate you!!

  4. Andy Manfield says:

    Don’t make another effing plan, just do something!

  5. Peter Haigh says:

    “For f*ck’s sake Peter, will you shut up and listen”

    He said that to me a lot………………….

  6. Mike Heylin says:

    That’s funny Peter, he said it to me a lot as well. Are we related?

  7. Gary Cullum says:

    And he said that to me at least 50 times during each planning meeting for The Specialist Angler Magazine. Are we related Mike? Or do I just never shut up and listen…?

  8. Phil Hackett says:

    “Oh fook off Mike, you talk more than I do at these meetings!” Picks up fag packet and lights up another fag.
    Heard and seen at least once at every SAA meeting.

  9. Maggie Bourne sister in law ( one of many) says:

    “No, no, no! I won’t have those bloody Bournes in my house, they’re all muppets!”

  10. John Veazey says:

    No, NFA does not stand for National Federation of Anglers it means No Fucking Ability.

    That was before Birdy took over of course

  11. John & Vivien Cosgrove says:

    I told you we should have used a stick with a rusty nail!

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